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AI Characters, your way

Create character-driven images and videos. Captivate and connect with your audience.
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Fueling the Future of AI Content

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Images generated
Characters created
Character Lab

Build Your Unique Character

Craft your one-of-a-kind character, and generate endless visuals while maintaining consistent features and style.

Generate perfect poses

Effortlessly replicate poses and compositions from any reference image

Pose Control
Change Anything

Change anything

Seamlessly modify any part of an image using intuitive text prompts

Infuse realism

Upscale your AI creations , enhance skin texture and details for a more realistic finish.

True Touch

Join our creator community

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Create your AI character today

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RenderNet AI?
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RenderNet AI is a powerful tool for generating images and videos, providing unparalleled control over character design, composition, and style.
What sets RenderNet apart?
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RenderNet's advanced features, such as FaceLock, ControlNet, and multi-model generations, distinguish it by enabling the creation of consistent characters and highly customized images.
Is RenderNet AI free to use?
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Yes, RenderNet offers a free plan that provides 10 credits per day.
How can I create a character?
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You can create an AI character like Aitana Lopez, Lil Miquela or Lu Do Magalu in RenderNet by uploading a face, using the character-builder wizard to customize it, naming the character, and saving it for future use.
How do I create an AI influencer?
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To create an AI influencer or virtual influencer, use the character wizard to create an AI character. Then, employ prompts and PoseControl to set detailed poses and compositions. RenderNet's advanced features, such as TrueTouch, allow you to produce highly customized, realistic images for your AI influencer.
Can I use RenderNet to generate videos?
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Yes, you can use RenderNet's video face-swap feature to create videos of your AI character.
Does RenderNet have an API?
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Yes, RenderNet offers an API for developers to build their own AI applications. You can access the API documentation here.
How do I join the RenderNet creators' community?
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Visit our Discord server to join the RenderNet creators' community.